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I'm looking for a to do list app with some specific features:

  • Must sync to something (google, dropbox, evernote, whatever)
  • Must be able to distinguish "do it now" vs "do it later" (and not show "do it later" in the app)
  • Preferably have categories (I work on several independent projects)

Being able to order tasks within a category would be good. Not necessarily "high priority" or "low priority", but just "do this before that".

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Use Producteev with Astrid. Believe me, you'll love this combination.

I am recommending Producteev because it features Workspace concept which is useful for your independent projects. Inside a workspace, you can categorize and prioritize your tasks too. Plus, you can collaborate with others on a workspace. But, for more than two guys, you'll have to pay.

Producteev has Android app too, but it sucks (I checked it last time few months ago). Astrid works great when it comes to Producteev sync. It's UI is clean. It supports locale and Text-to-Speech notification.

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I like Any.do for task sync + categories and 'do now/do later'. The UI is pretty too. The widgets are a bit large but the app seems to meet all your criteria. The app syncs with Google Tasks right now. Developers plan to extend sync to other services.

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Tasks sounds like what you want. I've used it for a while; it's the best tasks app I've found (and I've tried a lot of them).

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I've used Astrid, producteev, RTM, and others. The Team Tasks app is definitely the best front-end to the Google Tasks back-end. The UI is nice and the developers respond to issues pretty quickly on G+. It syncs to both my work gApps account and my personal Google account. The notifications work, but not overly intrusive. The one drawback I've found is the inability to schedule recurring tasks (e.g. "send status report to director every Tuesday") but that's a fault of the back-end. –  Eric Cloninger May 23 '12 at 18:11

This is an old question but I want to vote for Wunderlist - has clients for most platforms (Android, web, desktop, iGadgets). Can do all of the things OP requested.

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