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I have sort of a follow-up question to a question I asked a little while ago... That question was naively asking where Google Music stores the offline tracks (I've come so far since then), but my question is now, when I navigate to that folder in a shell, it only shows 11 songs, all with numerical names? I understand the numerical naming method, and I pulled some of these songs to see what they were, but I have about 5 gigs of offline music. Where is the rest of it stored?

The reason I'm asking this is because I'm about to flash a new rom, and want to know that those songs will be accessible to the new Google Music app I install on the new rom. If not, I will first want to disable their offline storage to free up space on my SD Card and then just offline them again.

But anyway, thank you for your help!

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Finding out where it's stored is easy. There's a terrific little app called DiskUsage that visualizes the space your folders take up. You can easily spot where the Music cache is.

As for moving to a new rom. Based eldarerathis' answer to your previous question, you should be able to make a backup of Play Music's music.db either from a terminal or using an app like Titanium Backup. Restoring this file on the new rom should make cached music show up.

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Thanks! This worked with the few tracks I tried it with, but in the end I just ended up making them all not available offline, flashed the new rom, and then made them available again. But I tested this just to see and it worked! – roboguy12 Jun 4 '12 at 4:13

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