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I run a shoutcast station for a small group of people. I would like the ability to broadcast to my server from my phone so that I could do live broadcasts away from home.

So far I have not found any software to do this, because searching only yields ten zillion results for streaming radio apps for listening, not broadcasting. Someone I asked tried to suggest that it was not possible to stream efficiently over a 3G connection, but frankly this is rubbish because I have streamed to my server from my laptop via a 3G stick before, and on my phone I have streamed audio and video to services like UStream etc.

Does anyone know of any software for android capable of broadcasting to a shoutcast server ? Thanks.

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There is an app called broadcastmyself, but I will admit so far I have failed to broadcast. However it is the only app I have found so far so I am gonna keep trying

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Please provide a link to the app. – Flow Oct 31 '12 at 18:17

You can use TrackCast it's an android app works as a clinet for Shoutcast server, it can broadcast from your local tracks and online tracks, also it broadcasts your microphone.

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