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I can start and play Spotify on my Galaxy Tab 7 but if i have enough, how do i stop playing without total log-out or without using the pause. I want to STOP and close it. I have Premium

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In Android it's not necessary to stop and close apps manually. Android manages the state of applications in the background, when an app is not actively performing a task. If the device needs memory for a new application, Android closes the least active app still in the background to make room for it. As a result if you open an application that was still in the background, it can now open much faster. In the case of Spotify, it remains paused in the background until you open it again, or the device needs memory for another application.

More information here:

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Push pause and the back key. Also make sure in your settings your phone is set up to automatically close out of inactive apps. You will save a lot of data.

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