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Is there a way to read aloud the text shown on the screen by apps that do not support text to speech?

For instance, it would be very nice to listen to the text shown by the Kindle app if you can't look at the phone all the time, but Amazon doesn't support this for more or less evil reasons. I'm wondering if there is perhaps an app or setting, for instance for blind people, that supports this anyway - preferably with an arbitrary speech engine.

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App recommendations are off-topic as per FAQ. I recommend that you rephrase your question to state only the problem you are trying to solve. – Flow Jun 4 '12 at 15:24

There's Accessibility under settings that has all kinds of options for the vision impaired (I believe it installs an app called Talk Back). I'm not sure how readily you can use this or for which apps, but I've heard it's very good (I'm not vision impaired - so I've never used it myself - but it might be what you're looking for).

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And there's the Talking Clipboard app available. Reads some file formats directly (such as HTML and EPUB), even reads pages marked with the "pocket" app (formerly known as "Read it Later"). Can read everything from the clipboard.

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