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Question: How can we take a picture using an external, USB camera, on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (setup in host mode, using an OTG (On The Go) cable), running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Details: We are trying to build an app as part of a project, where the phone will be out of sight (e.g. in someone's pocket), but the external camera can take a picture (on demand) that our app can process. We have seen evidence of success using OTG and flash drives/mice/keyboards, but are unsure of what difficulties may arise (and how to approach them) for a USB webcam.

Given that we are trying to write an app (API level 15), other pointers (with regard to interfacing with the external camera) would be appreciated (as a starting point, we really would like to just prove that the camera CAN work - that is, using any existing app, take a picture using the external camera).

Beyond basic recognition and potential problems, we are concerned (perhaps needlessly) about the power that the phone can provide to the USB camera - is it likely that this will be sufficient to power the camera?

If it is not possible to use a USB webcam as an external camera on an Android phone, other suggestions as to how we can setup an external camera to work with the phone, would be appreciated.

Specifications: Android version: 4.0.3 - Ice Cream Sandwich API level 15 Device: Samsung Galaxy 2 Model GT-I9100M Build Number: IML74K.UGLD3

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I found this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=infinitegra.trial.usbcamera This is an Android application to display and record the video from an USB camera which is connected to a smart phone or a tablet device. For more details please check his website: http://www.infinitegra.co.jp/en/solution/AndroidApp1-spec.htm

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Pretty old question but found a basic project demonstrating Usb web cam access from app/jni using v4l2.

Will be helpful for someone starting this way



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