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I want to list the partitions on my phone - system, boot, recovery etc. What terminal command would I use? The mount command just lists mount points.

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Use one of those:
cat /proc/mounts
# free disk space of mounted fs'
# this shows you available devices
cat /proc/partitions

ps: Lines containing asec are moved-to-sdcard apps (it's each an encrypted volume per app for security reasons)

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Well, that lists only partitions currently mounted – in normal mode: /system, /cache, and /data. But not e.g. /recovery, as that's not mounted in normal mode. Once upon a time, cat /proc/mtd got you a full list – but trying that on my devices with Android 4.1 yields an empty list only... cat /proc/partitions indeed lists all of them – but gives no indication of what's what :( –  Izzy Dec 23 '14 at 21:19

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