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I have an HTC One X. I want to install the Blackmart app, but I'm a little wary about its implications. Can it safely be installed without it messing up root security? Is it a legitimate app source?

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Even if the pure Blackmart App is free of any malicious parts, there is still the danger that you will download an infected version. Blackmart has no official page or download site, that's why you can't be sure about that. It's even worse because it needs root. Those types of programs are usually not open-source, and therefore no one can review the code or even build a "clean" version.

Note: Since Blackmark is able to bypass the access restrictions for paid Apps, it's is illegal in some countries. This is likely true in all countries where Google sells Apps on the Play Store.

My personal opinion: A free game of Modern Warefare or GTA isn't worth the trouble and risk of using blackmart.

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And if blackmart wasn't risky enough the apps could be modified too. –  Richard Borcsik Jun 16 '12 at 20:22
Almost all paid games from bigger publishers employ some sort of copy protection. Those have to be modified to circumvent he protection schemes. Besides the legal implications you don't know what else was modified and if a malware infection is the real price for 'loading stuff for free'. That's by the way how most of the malware is beeing distributed. –  ce4 Jun 16 '12 at 22:30

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