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I'm a really big fan of the Google Playbook reader, especially for an Android Tablet. I love the 2 columns and the effect when you go to other page. So I was wondering, is there a PDF/eBook reader with similar functionality as the Google Playbook? Unfortunately Google Playbooks don't allow to import documents in PDF or EPUB format.

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There are several apps you might check (ordered best recommendation first):

  • Moon+ Reader Pro is the best ebook reader I know. Support for the important formats (txt, html, epub, pdf, umd, fb2, chm, zip -- pdf only in the pro, said to be the fastest PDF renderer on Android), plenty libraries pre-configured to download books from (you can add your own sources), great support, and more. Just no DRM (yet; as Adobe didn't answer to the developers requests). My clear recommendation for this one.
  • Aldiko Book Reader supports epub, PDF, DRM -- and also can access online sources
  • Mantano Reader supports epub & PDF, available in several versions, supports DRM
  • GO Book supports epub, txt, umd, pdf and fb2 (DRM/catalogs support: unknown to me)

There are some more on the Playstore, but not all are recommendable (and some may have escaped my notice).

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I tried all of those and found Mantano Reader to be the best. –  Fase Dec 28 '12 at 19:43
After Izzy and @Fase comments i tried Mantano Reader and i love it aswell , it seems to support 2 columns but just in some PDFs, so i guess they have that option embedded? –  Joyal Jan 24 '13 at 9:07

Amazon has just updated their Kindle app to offer a two column layout for tablets. I was thrilled that they did this. Google Pay Book reader has that two page layout and I really preferred that on my tablet.

Kindle app will also read PDF files. I don't think it will do EPUB but there might be a converter out there to make it into Kindle format.

There are several places to find good free Kindle books. I rarely pay for a book anymore.

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it seems that this feature only works with native kindle books, i just tried with a PDF and can not shown as 2 column, but yo can with a kindle book –  Joyal Jun 16 '12 at 21:02

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