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I just started using this ZTE Warp (on Boost Mobile) yesterday. I rooted and ROM'd it with Clockwork Mod and Shinjitsu 1.5b (1.5.1c and 1.5.1c-beta2 did not work, for some reason).

Everything is pretty awesome so far, but whenever I enable Wi-Fi, I lose all 3G service - not just data, I can't send or receive calls or texts - the phone says 'No Service'.

Any ideas? I'm pretty new to Android.

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Just disable wifi. I have 1.5.1c Beta 2. Look for ccrusher1 on the forum, and message me if you need more help.

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Alright, thanks. I don't mind running without Wi-Fi, but it's nice to have, as I'm replacing my iPod Touch and cellphone with the Warp... so I use it as a mini-tablet and media player, too. – kivetros Jun 20 '12 at 13:27

Well, I went over to the Android forums and asked... apparently, it's a known bug in all overclocked versions of Shinjitsu. I installed the non-overclocked kernel (as an from the SD card, with Clockwork) and it's been almost two hours and everything is working perfectly!

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