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I hand my clients an Xoom (Android tablet) and I am holding a Xoom.

How do I simply have them watch what I'm doing on my screen? No video, audio, or anything else fancy needed. All I need is a simple screen share. Will be showing documents, webpages, and such. and GoToMeeting only allow view mode, not share mode on Android. There has to be a program to allow this.

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Try this app. It allows you to share the screens between two tablets or two mobile devices of varying dimensions wirelessly and does not require any thing extra as per your requirements.

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There is a TeamViewer app that acts as a server "TeamViewer Quick support" unfortunately it is for samsung devices only

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Sounds like some kind of VNC type of solution would be the best, maybe TeamViewer? You might need an enterprise license if you're doing this for commercial purposes.

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I'm pretty sure the TeamViewer app is only a client, not a server. You can view a computer running TV, but you can't share your screen. – eldarerathis Jun 24 '12 at 3:38
Oh right, my fault. Seems like something TeamViewer should fix eventually though, as anyone with a rooted Android device surely has the rights to start a server, and there's already a TeamViewer server solution for desktop Linux. – pzkpfw Jun 24 '12 at 8:22

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