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I intend to buy a an Android tablet for a single use, as a remote control. It'll run a single app all the time and sit in a dock most of the time, occasionally being carried to another room. I want two features: stay awake while charging (searching this site showed me a few app solutions for this), and for the tablet to wake up when moved or when the screen is touched. Basically, I want as little time and as few manipulations as possible to get from just lying there on a coffee table to being awake and responsive. I expect this will decrease battery life (because the touch detection or accelerometers have to be active), and given my use case, that's ok as long as I still get 3-4 hours out of it.

I don't have a specific tablet picked out yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of the Galaxy Tab 8.9". The 7" screen size would be fine, but I want to us this in landscape mode all of the time and that works better if the dock connector is on the bottom while in landscape mode.

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Most tablets wake up by pushing a single button, why do you want it easier? – Steven Roose Jun 24 '12 at 19:20
That single button is often small and hard to find. Even if it is like the home button on a iDevice, it is much easier to tap or brush the screen. It's even easier than that if the screen wakes up when I pick up the tablet. How many motions do you need to make to wake up your average TV remote control? – kbyrd Jun 24 '12 at 20:06
"easier to tap or brush the screen" is not a good idea because that means - the app to do that, would be polling in the background monitoring for touches, which in turn has dire negative consequence of draining the battery... just saying :) – t0mm13b Jun 25 '12 at 23:54
Yea, I understand that I've got to have the touch hardware active, the use case is this thing sits in a charging cradle 99% of the time and occasionally gets carried around to different rooms, then put back in the cradle at night. I really only need 3-4 hours of use between charges. Or if I can get the motion unlock stuff working maybe monitoring the accelerometers take less juice. – kbyrd Jun 27 '12 at 20:12

There is a free app called MotionUnlock, with it your tablet will sense when it is being picked up from a table, etc... and unlock automatically, being ready for use!

MotionUnlock - Tablet Wake Up

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Any idea why it's not in the Play store but in that suspicious-looking webstore? – Steven Roose Jun 24 '12 at 20:17
Not a clue as to why it isn't published, but it appears on several other websites. – Zuul Jun 24 '12 at 20:31
A quick google search didn't turn up other sites. Also, going to the publisher's site and looking under "apps" doesn't show that software. – kbyrd Jun 24 '12 at 20:38
The software isn't mine, so can't really tell as to why it is not present on the market, but I use it and works well. Related to other sites Podnova and AndroidPIT can serve as an example! – Zuul Jun 24 '12 at 20:42
It appears that the app is no longer available, so this isn't actually an answer to my question. – kbyrd Jun 25 '12 at 20:16
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After searching a bit more, I found Wake Up Screen. It might do what I want. I'll try it out in a few days.

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"Wake Up Screen" does what I want. – kbyrd Jun 27 '12 at 23:32

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