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i tried this tutorial and in step 1 i followed method 2. I try step 3, and when i try

adb shell it works fine. but the line after,

sh /sdcard/, I get

sh: Can't open /sdcard/

Why is this happening?

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I guess it worked after you switched off usb mass storage? please do let us know how you got on :) – t0mm13b Jun 25 '12 at 13:39
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You cannot execute either binary or shell script that resides on the external sdcard due to the execute permission bit being blocked.

Either move the script temporarily to a location other than sdcard (if you're not rooted - you're in a bit of a spot there...)

After reading the posting on xda, it would appear that something is amiss, notify the developer of that forum and post it there and see what response you get :)

Edit: You have that external sdcard treated as mass-storage device. Turn that off and see what happens (Had to read all of the thread and some one posted - see #18 there!)

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