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I recently reset my phone to factory settings, because I didn't have enough space on my internal memory and I wanted to start off anew. When I started downloading apps onto my phone that I had before I didn't have the option to move it to my SD card any longer, I can't move apps like "Viggle" or "Kik Messenger", which are from the app store. I run out of space easily on my internal memory and it drives me nuts, is there anything I can do to move my apps to my SD card or something? So I can have more space on my phone. I also still have the same SD card that was given to my with the phone which is 2GB, and I still have a lot of space left over either way.

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do you mean that you were able to move them before resetting or you didn't install them before that? – Mohamed Essam Jun 29 '12 at 11:24

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You need to have root access to have apps on an external SD card

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Not everyone thinks or has understanding at your level so please consider detailing your answers. – Firelord Sep 5 at 17:48
What more detail do you need? – joe Sep 5 at 19:50
@joe a backing for your claim? app2sd was introduced to "user-land" with Android 2.2 (Froyo). OP indicates that feature was there before the factory-reset ("didn't have the option … any longer") – which clearly contradicts your answer. – Izzy Sep 13 at 19:26

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