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For some strange reason, my Android 4.0 ICS tablet is no longer able to access the Internet. First, via wifi, it could'n connect to two distinct networks. Then later, I tried to connect it to home router via dhcp. It could not. As for wifi, the tablet gets an IP number.

I don't know how this happened, if it is a route problem or a dns problem or other. Tried to install a terminal to check a route command, but it is not available (at least to me). So I ask what can I do to solve this issue? Restore original configuration? Other?

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ICS has issues on some devices with Wireless-N. My Acer A500 works properly, but my 2 Xperia phones kill my router instantly if I use the N-draft protocol.

So, try deactivating N-draft mode in your Android device or your router, then it sohuld work.

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