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Even if I have the correct information on a person in the contact app, I am unable to make the "To field" in the message app find me the phone number (the auto-suggest feature). All it does is display the email information. If I click that, the message is converted to an mms-email. For instance; if i start typing out the name of a person, it will only suggest the email for that person even if that person is in the Contact list with a phone number.

So my question is: How can i make the SMS app find me the contacts phone number from my contact list? Or put differently: Why is not the phonenumber displayed in the suggestion list just the email (even if its the SMS client)?

Background info:

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.03)
  • I tried the "Merge Contacts" option in the message app
  • If i manualy type in the number it will be correctly linked to the ongoing thread with this person.
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