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Possible Duplicate:
how be woken up by receiving a text message with an Android phone?

Is there an Android feature that will allow my phone to set off an alarm when I receive a text message from a specific phone number? If not, is there an app that does this?

I want to turn text messages I receive from my employer into pages. So, whenever I receive a text message from a specific phone number, I want my phone to keep ringing until I hit a "snooze" or "done" button.

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Android Anti-Theft Security and AndroidLost both provide these functions, along with many other security apps available for Android. There is also an app called SMS Alarm Pager which sounds like exactly what you need, but I cannot tell as the description is in another language :/

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Tasker can automate things like that -- and a lot more. It takes a while to acquaint oneself with it, and 5 bucks to buy (there's a 7day trial available as well) -- but it's well worth the effort.

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There are apps that try to duplicate pager functionality for specific phone numbers, such as SMS Alerter and Alarm:

The documentation specifies that it provides an alarm snooze functionality, as well as some pager-specific functionality (quick respond/dismiss).

However, that particular app doesn't seem to work for everybody - there are some negative reviews out there.

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