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I know almost this exact question title was asked, but the original asker stated that he had not set any browser as a default. I, on the other hand, ALWAYS select the stock web browser as the default.

Nonetheless, every time I open the browser and every time I click a link I am asked to select a default web browser. I had dolphin and opera mini installed, but deleted dolphin in hopes that would help the issue since Opera was not always showing as an option.

However, now Opera shows up every time as an alternate and the problem persists as it always has. I do not know of any catalyst that could have caused this behaviour. I updated to Gingerbread (using T-Mobile G2) some time ago (like July 2011) and this problem has only been around for maybe a month or so.

Any help with this?

As I said, I already select that the stock browser be the default. If I check the settings, Opera mini is not set for any defaults. This is seriously irritating.

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You can try this:

  1. Tap your device "home" button;
  2. Tap your device "menu" button;
  3. Tap "Settings";
  4. Tap "Applications";
  5. Tap "Manage Applications":

    Look for the browsers in question, notice "Launch by default", with the caption stating "No defaults set", make sure the button "Clear defaults" is tapped, if it's disabled, it means its the only one in use. i.e. no other alternative app that handles the browser.
    Repeat that for other browsers you may have.

Next time you launch the browser, a pop-up will appear with a choice, there's a check-box underneath, "Make default", tap that, and next time, the default browser of your choosing is used.

This applies to other apps also that handles the flow of actions as well, such as an alternative to messaging, email, music etc.

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Well, though this problem is not very common, but some people may experiences this, most probably all Internet users know the basic procedure how to do that but after try all common procedure, still if it not work or keep asking to make it default then its kinda frustrating. many issues may case a single symptom, so it could be harder to solved for most of Computers users. So please try the flowing two steps simple solution, you no need bother about all the causes.

  1. check the browser whether it is working or not and if working but still asking to make it default then update or reinstall the browser and in that case you able to see ( if properly installed) or will not see the browser in control panel-> default program-> Set you default Programs window.

  2. now if from browser setting "make it default button" still not working, do it from control panel-> default program-> Set you default Programs window. will work for sure. enjoy.

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Your answer seems to be about Windows, but this is an Android website. –  Dan Hulme Apr 25 '14 at 9:15

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