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I recently upgraded my Galaxy S2 from Android 2.x to 4.0.3.

I had, and still have, two keyboards installed & enabled - MultiLing Keyboard, and Swype.

In my previous ROM, long-pressing an input field let me switch keyboards. This method now stopped working, and the only way I found to switch them is via the setup menu.

Has the method to switch inputs changed in ICS?

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Once you've activated an input field, you should see a keyboard icon in your notification area. Drag the notification bar down and tap on the notification saying Select input method and you should get the menu.

If this doesn't work, it's due to Samsung's modifications. At least the vanilla ICS has this option.

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Thanks. I would never have searched there ... too bad they removed the hold-to-switch method. – ripper234 Jul 6 '12 at 0:05

In all of my HTC phones, press & hold in the input area (text area) will show a "Input Method" prompt for switching IME.

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