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How do I connect my Android phone or tablet to a LogMeIn Hamachi VPN? Is it even possible?

LogMeIn has command line clients for Linux, and of course Android has built-in VPN settings.

Is there some way to hack my Android to get it on the Hamachi VPN? I'll try almost anything no matter how involved. Root and non-root answers welcome (I have root access).

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As described in this how-to, you can do this by installing a "chrooted" Linux distro on Android such as Ubuntu, and then downloading, installing and configuring Hamachi manually.

Hamachi is a vpn program which can be used to link up computers. With hamachi on an android you would be able to access the files on multiple computers from anywhere in the world (provided that you have wifi, 3g, 4g or any other type of internet connection on your phone) this is useful when programs like dropbox can't hold the file that you want because it is too large and you know that you will need it at some point when you are on the go. To get hamachi on android there are a few requirements which must be met first:

  1. Internet access.

  2. Ubuntu/Debian/Backtrack or any other Linux distro on your phone.

  3. Rooted phone (root access).

Once those 3 requirements have been met you should be set to go.

  1. Boot up the Linux distro on your phone

  2. Either open up the browser on the distro or the browser on your phone.

  3. go to and download the hamachi file. If you did this on the distro then you may skip to step 5A

  4. If it hasn't happened already, move that whole file to emmc on your phone

  5. (5A. Move the hamachi file from the downloads folder in the distro to /root) Open up the distro and copy that hamachi file from /mnt/emmc to /root

  6. Open terminal and cd into that directory and run the following commands

  7. sh ./install

  8. mkdir /dev/net

  9. mknod /dev/net/tun c 10 200

  10. apt-get install sudo

  11. apt-get install libcrypto++7

  12. ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

  13. sudo tuncfg

  14. hamachi-init

  15. hamachi start

  16. hamachi login

  17. hamachi set-nick [enter desired nickname here]

  18. hamachi join [networkname] [password]

  19. DONE.

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Great answer. Thank you! I will try this out tonight hopefully. – Andrew Jul 9 '12 at 20:34

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