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The problem: I want to use an (offline|online) navigation app but:

  • I have an Asus Transformer Prime with very bad GPS reception
  • I have a tablet without GPS (e.g., a Nook Color)
  • My phone has a very low GPS signal
    (Samsung is infamous here, Galaxy S, Nexus S, Gio and so on all have users complaining about it)
  • My phone often loses track of GPS satellites

My device has Bluetooth however.

What can I do to get a working and precise GPS signal?

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I have several bluetooth-GPS adapters that I use with all of my devices when I need a superb signal because a specialiced receiver is almost always superior to a smartphone's internal GPS (due to integration constraints).

It's very handy for my Nook Color tablet that has no GPS but bluetooth (Asus Transformer Prime users also have this kind of problem).

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The Transformer Prime has a problem with its GPS all right. You can get a free external GPS adapter that fits into the docking port.

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