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The ISP I use on my N1 doesn't allow me to open facebook. Using a PC, I can use Google DNS server ( to by-pass them but on N1, I can't find where to put the stufff.

Please help if you know how to.

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While you're on Wifi, have a look in Wi-Fi settings > menu|Advanced.

It looks like it's easier when you're on Wifi than when you're on a celular signal (3 or 2.5g).I've found a blog post here that seems to do what your asking, but you may need to have rooted the phone, or at least be comfotable with editing a few system bits and bobs.

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The following was added as an edit to the question. It seems like it should be an answer.

  1. Go to Setting - Wireless & Network - Wifi settings
  2. Press Menu button, and select Advance
  3. Check Use Static IP
  4. Enter IP adress, Gateway, Netmask and DNS Server 1&2 of associated with your LAN networks.

Eg., for me, I use

  • ip=
  • gateway=
  • DNS1=
  • DNS2=
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