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Need to permanently disable Wi-Fi, bluetooth and camera for work on a few work only devices. Can this be done through Terminal? I've tried ifconfig to disable Wi-Fi but it just enables automatically after a few seconds.

I don't need something that literally "permanently" disables Wi-Fi, bluetooth and the camera, just something that isn't very simple for an average user to enable. For instance, I deleted the Camera.apk. I know a user could technically add it back to /system but in order to do so they would need root access as well as know to mount /system as rw instead of ro.

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If the devices are rooted, then you can use Link2SD to "freeze" the apps, then you can unroot it afterwards so the apps are locked out. I haven't tried this yet for myself though. Just throwing out suggestions. – Propeller Jul 12 '12 at 7:50

The easiest way would be using a "profile switcher". As your demand is time-based, a good and easy choice would be Timeriffic (available for free and high rated). Here you could simply say: 24h/day disable these things.

An alternative would be ProfileScheduler, which also allows switching profiles by click (so you don't need to setup a schedule, just the profile).

Ah, btw: Needless to say that this does not require a rooted device ;)


If your intention is to keep other people from tempering with certain apps, you might want to take a look at so-called "App Lockers" -- with which you can password-protect some/all your apps (including e.g. the play store app to keep them from installing something else). Here possible candidates include:

and many more.

And btw2: using an app locker, you can also protect the settings menu (to avoid easy changes to e.g. bluetooth status).


If the devices are rooted, you could even bring a "local firewall" into play: Use Droidwall to define which apps may access the internet (via mobile and/or WLAN separately), plus an App Locker to password-protect Droidwall. This way the apps themselves would be accessible (unless you lock them completely as well), but their access to the net would be handled separately (by Droidwall).

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The only problem with those apps is the user can just manually toggle the things we need to disable. I don't need something that literally "permanently" disables wifi, bt and the camera, just something that isn't very simple for an average user to enable. – Slurms Mckenzie Jul 12 '12 at 9:20
Oh -- I missed that part. In this case, try an app locker... Will edit that into my answer. – Izzy Jul 12 '12 at 9:27
I'll see if that route is sufficient. – Slurms Mckenzie Jul 12 '12 at 10:19
OK. I just added a 3rd variant (available in case the devices are rooted) for even more flexibility. – Izzy Jul 12 '12 at 10:41

check out this thread to Disable WiFi :

Author: shmshd12

First of all I recommend you to make a system backup with TWRP

here we go :

  1. Open ES File Explorer and get Root access

  2. Go to system folder and open Build.prop using RB Text Editor (i recommend you to backup original file)

  3. Remove the below mentioned lines in Build.prop Code:


  4. save it and reboot

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Hello @Razor and bummi .. this answer is very helpful. And I need more help from you guys is there anyway to permanently disable GPS and Bluetooth and here… – Chitrang Jan 9 at 7:44

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