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Is there an open source application which allows to share my location in real time? I'm looking for a fully open source solution, that is open source client as well as open source server software.

It doesn't have to be scalable or anything, I just want to share my location to whoever has the link to the application on my server.

This is not a duplicate of Alternative to Google Latitude? - I want a self-hosted application (on my own server), not on some non-Google third party server

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OpenGTS provides fleet tracking, and there is a (paid) Android App on the market. Given that it's open source, it's always possible someone (you?) could develop a free app as well.

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Why is this answer accepted? While OpenGTS is cool for the server side of things, the linked client side isn't open source. – Steve Pomeroy Aug 4 '13 at 19:41
Because ND Geek linked to a paid app, but a free one exists too. Here: – GDR Apr 28 '15 at 16:35

Here's a good, open and decentralized alternative which appeared recently:


A Google Latitude replacement based on MQTT

MQTTitude enables a device to periodically publish its location status to your MQTT broker. If you've previously used Latitude, you can think of this as a a decentralized Latitude.

enter image description here enter image description here


Whether you want to keep track of your own location or that of a family member (with their consent, of course), MQTTitude will let you do that in a safe way. There are at least two components you'll want to use: one of our Apps, and an MQTT broker.

The app speaks to the broker. Other programs (we have a few for you, but you can create others yourself) speak to the broker as well. The smartphone app PUBlishes location data, and the other programs SUBscribe to that data. A program can store the data in a database, send it someplace (careful with that!), or simply discard it (which wouldn't really be useful now, would it?).

For the time being documentation is, ahem, a bit lacking, but you might find something useful on our development site.


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