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Such apps helps you to stay in your desired interval training program. Say for the first five minutes, my target heart rate zone is 100-110 and for the second five minutes would be 110-130 and so on. If I go below or above those ranges that I've set on those intervals I will be alerted by the app.

Most of the apps in google play just display your current heart rate monitor, record/track it, and nothing more. I'm not looking for such apps.

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I could see an app named Cardio Grapher in Google Play Store, which claims features like "User specific heart rate training zones" and "Audio alerts when entering and exiting training zones", which indeed fits your need.


Cardio Grapher Screenshots


  • Live graphs of your heart rate over the last 1, 10 and 120 minutes.
  • User specific heart rate training zones, helping you get the most you can from your training.
  • Estimates calories burnt using heart rate, age, body mass and sex.
  • Audio alerts when entering and exiting training zones.
  • Can be set to keep the phone's screen on when in use.
  • Overridable screen orientation:

    i.e. you can make Cardio Grapher ignore Android's orientation sensors and stay in portrait or landscape mode - handy if you were to mount it on bike handlebars and find it flips when cornering.

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Took the liberty to add relevant contents into your answer. +1 –  Zuul Aug 19 '12 at 12:53

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