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I got tired of replugging my headset between a desktop and Android when someone calls me. Is there a way to stream sound from Ubuntu (I use Pulseaudio) to Android phone over wifi or usb?

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i found this but not sure how to make it work together – kirill_igum Nov 4 '10 at 4:22
and there is a way to use vlc but it gives an error "too many errors" when i try to stream over http. there is also this one which i will try later… – kirill_igum Nov 4 '10 at 4:24
I'd get a bluetooth dongle and send phone audio to your pc (in a snap) :) – Pitto May 23 '11 at 16:18

Ubuntu has built Ubuntu One Mobile for that very purpose. The service is free to try for one month, then $3.99/month (or $39.99 yearly). It's worth mentioning that the paid account gives you 25GB of storage and unlimited streaming for devices running Android 2.1+, iOS 3.1+ as well as Windows XP, Vista and 7 (and there are rates for additional storage).

(For those who do not wish to stream music, Ubuntu One provides 5GB of cloud storage for free.)

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Yes! There is an app called Remote Audio which tunnels your computer's audio output over either SSH or 1 or 2 other protocols. I just installed it and haven't set it up yet, but I plan on using it alongside a remote VNC connection to my desktop at home so I can use Energy XT remotely to sequence song ideas from wherever in the world I happen to be. =)

I'm sure the Ubuntu thing works awesome for music, and probably involves a simpler set-up, but this will stream ANY sound your computer makes, and it's free (and works with any *nix system). The Rhythembox thing you posted about would work awesome too, but you need to set up an Icecast media streaming server first.

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I use the old Winamp Shoutcast streaming server tools. Then use one of the apps that play Shoutcast stations. Winamp (official app, but Shoutcast streaming still in development as of 11/8/2010) or XiiaLive (AppBrain link).

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Have you thought of an UPnP AV approach? The protocol allows streaming of media between various devices in the same network (e.g. Wifi). There is a large variety of servers and clients for all the OSes.

For example, MediaTomb is a well-known media server also available for Ubuntu. For playback on the phone you could use allShare, which comes preinstalled on some phones, or a free client like BubbleUPNP or Skifta.

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+1 MediaTomb also streams video's to you Android device. – Flow May 24 '12 at 18:50

You can install airbubble on your android, which works as a speaker using apple's AirPlay (DAAP) protocol.

Pulseaudio can be configured to stream to any AirPlay receiver - check this answer for details on setting that up:

With airbubble running, it should show up as a speaker option in the ubuntu sound menu.

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nope airbubble is not showing up – aWebDeveloper Jan 21 at 19:09

Check out subsonic. It has its own app in the market and should play nice with phone calls. Takes about 2 seconds to setup on an internal only network and 3 min to access it from anywhere.

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