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So both the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 have dynamic capacitive buttons instead of actual physical buttons. I was actually under the impression that this black bar was a separate capacitive display from the main display. Now that I actually see a Nexus 7 in person, this black bar appears to be just a part of the screen.

So am I actually getting 1280x800 pixels?

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The 1280x800 pixels count for the whole display, including the black bar for the buttons.

Google decided to stay flexible by moving physical buttons to the touch screen permanently.


  • No capacitive buttons needed (cheaper?)
  • Better user experience: Rotating 90,180,270 degrees rotates also the virtual buttons
  • Less frame space (the button's space belongs to the screen now)
  • You can hide the buttons in full view (e.g., video playing)
  • Maybe: Avoid Apples infamous rectangle with a single button tablet design patent
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