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I have used several versions of CWM recovery on my Motorola Droid 2. One of them was able to back up into a .tar (cache.ext3.tar, data.ext3.tar nandroid.md5, recovery.img, system.ext3.tar) as opposed to the .img files that I am getting now.

Now I can't seem to find that version anymore; can someone tell me which version was able to do that?

(Currently running v5.0.2.0 from

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There is no incompatibility for backups/restores between CWM versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.x.
Both the filenames and the contents of the backup files will be the same.

With the CWM version 5.x:

  • It can read and restore the backup files created by all the older versions of CWM.

  • If you create a backup with 5.x, an try to restore it in one of the older CWM versions, two issues come up:

    1. File formats:

      The contents of /data and /sdcard/.android_secure are now in tar files instead of the old yaffs2 image files.

    2. Filenames:

      The backup filenames have changed from partition_name.img to partition_name.fstype.ext.

To answer your question:

Since you have files like the partition_name.fstype.ext, they refer to a backup from the CWM version 5.x.

e.g., your file system.ext3.tar is from the partition system, using file system ext3 and backed up within a .tar file.

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Yeah, i have so I should expect it to be backed up as .tar then? I'm still getting .img – arcyqwerty Jul 21 '12 at 4:52
@arcyqwerty There's a method to allow 5.x performing backups using the old file name and format. Have you altered any configuration for CWM related to backups? – Zuul Jul 21 '12 at 4:57
I don't think so? I'll look into it. I just reflashed so perhaps putting CWM on again will fix it :) – arcyqwerty Jul 21 '12 at 5:30

it is "CWM-Lotus V6.0.4.7" have a nice day :)

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Welcome to Android Enthusiasts. Thank you for your contribution, but could you provide official reference, if it exists? – Andrew T. Jan 30 '15 at 5:56

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