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I've been teaching Java to two of my friends and its coming well. We're interested in Android development. Both of my friends have android devices, and slow enough computers that using the emulator (AVD) is impractical and/or a PITA. Since I have a good enough computer, I have done some simple Android things, and I just use the emulator, but how should I instruct them to set things up so that they can hit the Run (green arrow) button and launch the app on their plugged-in device? All I really need is to show them a webpage or something that will teach them how to do a simple Hello World sample without AVD. All the Hello World Eclipse projects I've seen involve the use of the emulator.

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do you want to directly run the written app on your plugged-in device during development? –  kitokid Jul 23 '12 at 2:13

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All you really need to to is enable USB Debugging in the device settings and plug in the device. As long as you have Eclipse, ADT plugin and the Android SDK installed, which you do if you have been using emulators, you should be good to go.

Eclipse will automatically use the device when it's plugged in and no emulators are running, unless you've told it not to.

If you're using Windows, you may have to install the device vendor's USB drivers; if so, Windows should prompt you about this when you plug in a device with USB Debugging enabled.

The Android Training class Building Your First App will walk you through all of these steps with a sample application.

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