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I am remotely controlling an old Nexus One attached and talking to a Lego NXT robot. The Nexus One has a broken Home button. In the past I remember overcoming that by finding an app which added an emulated Home button placed in the Android notification/status bar pulldown.

The Nexus One is running CM7, I am controlling it by pushing/running scripts (ssh and http/https servers) and full GUI control (VNC server). Even with all of that control, I am still missing basic button/navigation control.

Any ideas on how to overcome this? I once used an OSD trackball emulator. Anyone know of OSD buttons or recall what I may have used to get a Home button in my notification menu?

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You may be talking about Button Savior, but even if not, this APP allows you to trigger click on your phone buttons:

Relevant Features with or without root


  • Home key
  • Power key
  • Volume key
  • Camera key
  • Call key

Button Savior Screen Shot

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Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing, I was completely unaware of this app. Works as expected. – TryTryAgain Jul 29 '12 at 16:02

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