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Mobile operators in Brazil have added a leading digit, but only for São Paulo numbers. Now, both landline numbers (in São Paulo and otherwise) and mobile numbers from other states have 8 digits, while São Paulo mobile numbers have 9 (in addition to the optional area code that's 2 digits).

I'd like 8-digit numbers to be formatted like 1234-5678 and 9-digit numbers formatted like 123-456-789. Is this possible?

I've read the answers to following questions and none of them anwers this question:

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There's one APP, RocketDial available at Google Play Store, that provides phone number format using patterns:

Format phone numbers , support US/Canada/UK/Russia/Ukraine/China/Taiwan. Customize phone number using patterns , example (###-(###)-####), fill on your needs.

May fit your needs. Trial version comes with all the features and gives you 10 days to play with it. The Pro version costs 3,19€.

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Thanks for the answer, but it doesn't solve my problem because RocketDial only allows to set a single phone format pattern, and I need two different patterns depending on whether the phone has 8 or 9 digits. – Daniel Serodio Jul 31 '12 at 13:21

What I will do with the same problem :

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in case you are still looking for a solution, there's an app called twitch! Contacts formatter in google play that you can try.

it may fix your formatting issues with 8 and 9 numbers.

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