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Is there an app for associating events with time. For example:

  • If it is during event in specific callendars (say Meetings) the profile is turned to vibrate
  • Otherwise switch to normal profile

I looked on Tasker and it looks nice but possibly it is something free or cheaper.

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Tasker or Locale are going to be your best bets. – Al E. Nov 6 '10 at 19:05
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I wasn't able to find a free solution so I am doing exactly what you're looking for with Tasker. When my work calendar shows me in a meeting it turns the ringer to vibrate.

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Here's a few...



Edit: Just realized you may have been looking for something more robust than just a sound profile manager/scheduler. Chronos ($0.99) and Chronos Lite (Free) appear to do similar things to Tasker and are much cheaper but they don't have the best reviews. I haven't used them but they may be worth a shot. (My 2 cents: Just get Tasker)

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locale The best by far. Well worth the $. Nothing else is a question.

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