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I was trying to create ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions on the SD card. I tried ClockworkMod recovery and it didn't work. Nothing seems to have happened.

I also tried using MiniTool and that also failed. I tried both Disk Utility and GParted in Ubuntu and it still didn't work. For MiniTool, Disk Utility, and GParted, after I finished partitioning the partitions showed up on the computer OK, but when USB's disconnected the One X says that the SD card's corrupted.

Has anybody done this? Or is there some other way to solve this?

Or maybe it's not possible because the SD card is built-in?


After some more playing around, it seems that the problem might be something related to a partition table.

When there's no partition table, it works fine, but after I add a partition table it seems that the phone can't recognize the SD card anymore.

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I think this post provides some information about it. It also seems to be consistent with what I've tried.

Instead of partitioning the SD card, mounting an .img with a ext4 filesystem is a simple workaround.

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