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I just upgraded my Sgs2 to ics but found a few things missing.

First one is facebook integration with Contacts app is broken. I used to be able to see everyone's info from their Facebook in my contacts app, including profile pic, status, even recent media uploads. Now it barely shows anything, just an email and that's it. It doesn't even show me birthdays anymore which is extremely important to me! Very upsetting! Wtf happened??

Secondly I read that some stock ics features were taken out, such as lock screen app launching and new gallery. Is this true?

Thank you very much

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For Facebook sync you may want to start with Facebook contact sync in Ice Cream Sandwich. Google basically removed this functionality in ICS. What do you mean by lock screen app launching in your second question? Vanilla ICS just gives you the ability to open the camera directly AFAIK. – eldarerathis Aug 7 '12 at 13:33
thanks for your reply. I am now using Hax Sync for FB sync functionality, works great. Why did Google remove this feature??? Regarding lock screen app shortcuts, on the Galaxy S3 you can have 4 app shortcuts on the lock screen. Very convenient. – rabbid Aug 10 '12 at 1:52

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