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Google recently disabled one of my Gmail accounts (and will apparently take several days to re-enable it), but luckily I have some emails I need right now saved in the Gmail app.

Is there any way I can download them to my computer? In what folder are they stored on Ice Cream Sandwich?

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Gmail usually stores its data on internal storage:

├── cache
│   ├── download
│   └── webviewcache
├── databases
├── files
├── lib
└── shared_prefs

From this directory structure you may guess some things. I'm not sure what exactly is stored in the cache subdirectory except for downloads (the extracted Nandroid backup I've got on my workstation comes from a device where Gmail actually wasn't used). Your messages (in fact, your entire mail contents) are however stored in a SQLite3 database: databases/mailstore.<address> -- where <address> is your mail address.

So if you can pull this directory to your computer (which might require root privileges), you could use a graphical SQLite frontend to explore this database. The messages table will be your primary target.

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