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My Samsung Galaxy SII used to mount normally as a USB drive in Ubuntu until the 4.0.3 upgrade. Now the only two options are:

  • connect as Media Device (MTP)
  • connect as Camera (PTP)

neither of the above works properly with Ubuntu 12.04 so I could browse and manage files on the phone and the SD card.

Does Android 4.1 not support the device to be mounted as USB drive anymore?? I tried turning on USB Debugging in developer options but no difference...

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Actually, this is even easier:

Android 4.0.3 does still have the USB Mass Storage feature, it's just hidden in "Other Network Settings" where one would not really expect it...

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UMS (USB Mass Storage) was replaced by MTP somewhere with, at latest, ICS. Some kernels still may contain for UMS, but most won't anymore. So here are your options:

  • Check the market for Apps which can enable UMS again (I heard mentioned a few who should be able doing so, including AL Mass Storage Manager, USB Mass Storage Watcher, and Usb Host Controller -- but no guarantees whatsoever, as I didn't try any due to lack of ICS devices
  • install the mtp packages on Ubuntu (apt-get install mtp-tools)

Some helpful information on the second point:

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