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Is it possible to connect my Android phone to my Vista network?

I want to add files in a shared folder which I can access over a wifi network on my phone.

I tried to add my phone to the network manually in the Network Center, but it didn't work.

A Google search didn't provide me anything useful.

Note: When on the wifi network with my phone, I am on the same network as my Vista machine

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Nice question I would be interested in the same. ES File Explorer looks like the app to do the trick. Check this out...

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Support for SMB ("Windows Network") is not native to Android. You will need an app that supports the protocol. I can't recommend a specific Samba app as I've never tried it on Android.

I will say that I prefer FTP'ing to my Android using Filezilla and Software Data Cable. Software Data Cable is a little clunky, and I'm sure there's a better FTP app out there, but it's no big deal once FTP gets going. I don't really care for SMB, FTP has been much more robust in my personal experience.

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