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Is it possible to download YouTube Videos on my New Samsung Galaxy Y android phone and have it stored in my SD card?

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For the record this is against YouTube's TOS. –  Richard Borcsik Aug 13 '12 at 11:38
Apparently, it will be something soon (or already) available in India (…) –  lib Sep 18 '14 at 8:49

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AndroidFlip mentions Top 5 Best Youtube Downloader for Android as of Jan 17, 2014:
CAUTION: Download links are on external sites (i.e. not Google Play)

  1. TubeMate
  2. YouTube Downloader from Dentex
  3. FREEdi
  4. TubeX
  5. WonTube
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Yes. You can take either of the following two approaches:

  1. Use tubemate. With this app you can browse YouTube and download the video just like you would download from websites like

  2. The latest version of YouTube allows the videos that you opened or YouTube thinks you'll watch or have added to watch later queue to be downloaded in background so that you can watch it later. Read here. -> The preload option is no longer available in the official youtube app since version 5.6, see google support note here

    For the first time, YouTube will start downloading videos it thinks you might want to watch, whenever you’re plugged in and on Wi-fi.

    That’s great news for commuters, for example, who can now watch videos when outside their mobile coverage zone (or without paying for costly video downloads over 3G).

    YouTube, careful to draw a distinction between this and total downloading of its vids (which breaks its terms of service), is careful to point out that you’ll still need to be online for the first second when you press play.

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