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I have a requirement to stream video from an IP camera to my custom Android app. This app must display streaming video as part of many other controls (buttons, slide-bars etc).

Can someone suggest an IP camera that is known to work with Android (without the streaming problems noted here and here ). I mean, I am looking for any IP camera that can stream successfully to an android device.

PS : I have used IPCamViewer app in Android market, which can stream from most of the IP cameras in the market, but do suggest a camera whose stream can be received using simple android mediaplayer.

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I know ow hard it it to find the right camera and software combinations for cameras. I have written a few proprietary Java applications for just such a thing. I have found that IPCamViewer is a okay app for looks but man that guy has added support for just about every camera known to man! It is a really good app in that sense but lacks a professional feel to it. But I would stick with that app as he continually updates it and if you have a problem and email him he usually addresses it in the next iteration.

One of the better companies for streaming video is Axis their video encoding solutions is one of the more configurable options. Each encoder runs a webserver and if you know a little linux you can get on the server and reprogram web pages and even the Java serving up the images. They also have solutions for standard cameras.

So depending on cameras you may have to buy a special camera and take the output to an Axis video encoder and stream it to your phone. I've done this with some really special cameras like FLIR IR camera (Cost is around $80K), and Sony and Hitachi low light cameras. There are some really good network cameras too, like Sony's HD camera and the multiple ones that Axis has.

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thanks for the elaborate reply .. I will short list an AXIS camera looking at the specs .. –  Bhanu Challa Aug 17 '12 at 8:31
Let me know what you short list and maybe I can help some more there as I have probably used a few of those cameras. –  JPM Aug 17 '12 at 13:47

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