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I've tried everything. Saving myself as a contact, and changed the picture. Didn't work. Synced all my google accounts. Didn't work. I'm not even automatically saved in my contacts. I had to save my number, just to get to my voicemail.

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To have your own contact avatar appearing, this varies a bit, due to the device being used or the app being used.

What is recommend and should work on any case is that you need to identify yourself to your phone:

  • Tap your device "menu" button;
  • Tap "Settings";
  • Scroll your way to "About phone" and tap it;
  • Tap "Status":

    Where it reads "My phone number", you should read your own and up-to-date phone number there, otherwise the phone doesn't know who you are and cannot use any avatar.

A solution to allow you to apply your up-to-date phone number at the mentioned menu, or a solution to have your contact being retrieved from Google with an avatar, has already been mentioned here concerning the Avatar for the SMS conversation, but equally applies to your situation:

How to show own photo in SMS conversation?, specially the answer from Protron.


Usually the contact photo is the user's avatar, if the contact has a Google Account.

To apply a photo or change the existing one, you have to:

  1. Open the "Contacts" app;
  2. Scroll your way to the desired contact and long tap it;
  3. Tap over "Edit Contact" from the popup menu;
  4. Tap over the existent picture or over the picture square that if empty shows a + sign;
  5. Select either "Take photo" or "Select photo from Gallery" to apply the new photo;
  6. After selected, tap "Done" to actually save the changes.

By now your contact should have the new photo applied to it.

Official Android Support Page for Contacts Management:

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Can I do that for my OWN contact? I don't even have an option for myself... – Patrice Aug 20 '12 at 1:52
@Patrice Sorry, I misread your question at first. Added information at the top of my answer concerning the "own contact avatar" situation. – Zuul Aug 20 '12 at 9:23

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