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When using aLogcat to view my Android log files, I find very few messages showing up in any of the views.

Selecting Verbose level and no filter, I see that Main contains mostly garbage collection debug and info messages, but I rarely more than about 20 messages every minute. Events mostly contains info log messages from alogcat itself, at about the same rate, while Radio remains steadfastly empty.

Being relatively new to Android, I wonder whether this is normal. Is this rate typical of the main system log file on Jelly Bean?

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Not very active if you use apps like aLogcat. The permissions system regarding to logs was changed with Jelly Bean: The permission to read logs "READ_LOGS" is now systemOrSignature, which means that an app that is not signed with the ROM/system key can only view its own log. You can still view the full android log with adb logcat from the SDK.

I think that this was a long overdue change in the log system.

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Thanks flow, that has helped me to answer my other question. – Mark Booth Sep 6 '12 at 9:32

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