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I'm on Android 4.0.4. When I open my launcher, I see two tabs — Apps and Widgets. I'd like to add a third tab for Games. Is this possible?

Since I have quite a few games, I'd like to keep them separate and a new tab would be great. If there's an app that'd be awesome.

Any other suggestions are welcome

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It looks like the only way to do this would be to use a custom launcher. I've found three options that have this capability.

Nova Launcher Prime ($4.00)

Apex Launcher Pro ($3.99)

Holo Launcher Plus ($3.99)

There is also a free Holo Launcher, but I don't think it has the customizable tabs.

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Nova Launcher Prime looks great. I'll give that a shot. Cheers. – Mridang Agarwalla Sep 20 '12 at 11:03

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