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Yesterday, my rooted Xperia Pro decided to go into perpetual restart mode. I tried removing the SIM and SD cards to no avail. I tried reflashing the ICS upgrade. I tried throwing my phone across the room. (Well, OK, so I haven't tried that yet.)

What exactly happens

  1. I turn on the phone.
  2. The Sony logo comes up.

    Sony Logo

  3. It lights up for 1/2 of a second. I cannot get into recovery mode ever since I reflashed the ICS upgrade.

    Sony Logo bright

  4. The Xperia logo comes up.

    Xperia Logo 1

  5. The phone vibrates very briefly. (Like a haptic feedback vibrate.)

    Xperia Logo 2

  6. The lockscreen used to flash for one second before I tried reflashing the ICS upgrades. Now, it just shows a gray background with the status bar.

    enter image description here

  7. The phone reboots one second after the status bar appears.

Other information

Recently, my battery would randomly go from 70% to near 10% in a few hours or so while it was in my pocket. (As opposed to the regular 1%/hour rate.) Sometimes, it would open up the status bar or unlock my lockscreen. I had an OTA notification in my status bar -- it's possible this might have been selected accidentally.

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