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I've rooted my device (Omega T107) and i cannot install any recovery (tried cyanogenmod adn amon_ra)

When I use flash_image as root it never ends

Screen link:

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Uhhh, you're going about this the wrong way.

You do not adb push the flash image onto the handset itself then adb shell into it and flash from there.

The two reasons being is that

  1. From the adb shell it cannot "see" the recovery partition and does not know anything about it!
  2. There is limited space within the /data mount point which could have contributed to the endless stalling...

The correct way to do this is from the PC side, put the handset into fast-boot mode or boot-loader mode, plug in the cable into handset and use the fastboot flash recovery recovery.img then reboot the handset via fastboot reboot, holding down the volume down key to get into recovery mode.

The windows equivalent of the fastboot command would be fastboot-windows IIRC.

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