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Is it possible to persist the Background Process Limit setting? It's lost upon reboot and reverts to Standard Limit.

Settings \ Developer Options \ Background process limit

Android 4.0.3

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Do not think its meant for persisting... See Dianne Hackborn's comment

Also had a mosey around the ICS source code found in packages/apps/Settings/src/com/android/settings/DevelopmentSettings.java

Source code to the related screen, found on Android's github.

By looking for the variable that is associated with Settings > Developer Options > Background Process Limit (see line number 103) and (See line number 215) called mAppProcessLimit.

With that in mind, keep looking further down in the source, the routine that is responsible for saving the settings for this particular screen called onPreferenceTreeClick.

That is, in programming parlance, called a "listener" that is monitoring the changes made on that screen and writes it out immediately to the backing store by Android. (See between line numbers 790 and 858)

Unfortunately, the "listener", in this case, does not have a reference to the persisting/saving of the value for that variable mAppProcessLimit; which is what the OP is experiencing, set it for the duration of when the handset is alive, then upon reboot, it gets lost.

In short, you cannot do anything about this as that is built straight from the oven, and bundled onto your handset, but with that in mind, you can roll-your-own-custom ROM variant of ICS with a modified version of the source to do that.

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