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One android LBS app on HTC wildfire A3366 (G8) with android v2.2 (including google GMS service package), while using the GSM SIM card of China Mobile always runs great to get valid network geolocation on GSM network when enabling WLAN and/or Mobile Network Positioning (but GPS is disabled) while I was in China.

Then, I travel to San Francisco by carrying the same device with the same android LBS app, and I bought a GSM SIM card of T-mobile for my HTC G8 device, there is no problem to retrieve network info (mnc, mcc, cid, lac, ...) under T-mobile network. However, whenever the LBS app tries to retrieve geolocation provided by the network location provider of android, the geolocation can have a valid latitude, but always returns the same invalid longitude value as -1.0E-5, which is obviously an invalid longitude value.

Everything (including configuration and settings) is the same besides GSM SIM cards from different mobile service providers (China Mobile, U.S. T-Mobile), but this LBS app always fails to get valid longitude of the geolocations provided by android's network location provider when I am in San Francisco using T-Mobile service.

What's the problem here? why does it always return the same invalid longitude value (-1.0E-5)?

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I don't think this is a programming problem? – therefromhere Aug 20 '12 at 9:25
I agree with @therefromhere. Best way would be to contact the developers of that app, not StackOverflow. – cyroxx Aug 20 '12 at 9:42
Actually, the developer made use of common android sdk api directly to retrieve gsm geolocation from network location provider of LocationManager, nothing else was done on the geolocation. I am afraid that this problem may be caused by differences of android ROM package (OS build versions) targeted for different countries and/or different mobile networks. Someone here also seemed to have this geolocation data: longitude is -1.0E-5, but latitude is ok, see: – starr Aug 20 '12 at 17:50

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