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If I'm going to wireless tehter to my Android phone what method drains the battery the least? Wifi or Bluetooth?

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I'd guess Bluetooth, as Bluetooth has lower transmission range (and thusly should use less power, at least theoretically), but I have no hard data about it. – Lie Ryan Nov 17 '10 at 23:16
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I decided to look up some data, and my guess seems to be correct:

According to the report, Bluetooth takes the least amount of energy.

However your 3G radio will probably take the most energy; maintaining a 3G connection without transferring any data is cheap, but once you start sending/receiving data, then it trumps even Wi-fi.

WiFi radios have a high wakeup and connection maintenance energy, but low energy per bit transmission cost and high bandwidth.

Cellular radios have low connection maintenance energy, but high energy per bit transmission cost and low bandwidth.

Disclaimer: The study might only apply for the particular model that the device they use.

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