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Apple just launched the iPhone 5; together with that they landed new earphones they call 'EarPods'. I have an HTC Desire HD Android-based phone. It has a 3,5mm jack just as the iPhone. Would the earphones and microphone of the EarPods work on my phone as well? Having good quality earbuds that stick in my ear sounds attractive to me.

I do not care about the controls per se, and I'm pretty sure the sound will also work, but I'm not sure about the microphone. Also, how much of the improved sound and noise reduction is implemented in the software?

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Doubt it would work as that is a proprietary connector, and also, the ground and volt is reversed on the apple connector (don't ask me why!) – t0mm13b Sep 16 '12 at 20:37
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Firstly because they use the 3.5mm standard they will transmit sound to Android just as you would expect on the iPhone. All the controls work fine with the exception of the volume up and down. The microphone works currently on Android as well.


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Thanks for the pointer! I'll order a pair. – MichielB Sep 17 '12 at 20:27

There are four things in Apple EarPod

  1. Speakers
  2. Microphone
  3. Play/Pause Button
  4. Volume Up/Down Buttons

for speaker and microphone

Apple EarPod supports Universal Head-Phone config.

Should work with: HTC, Samsung, LG, Most low-brand phones, some Motorola and some Sony, Audio Players.

Microphone and even speaker will work sometimes, but not well, with: Nokia, Most Sony, Most Motorola.

for play/pause button

This works for most headsets.

for Volume Up/Down buttons

This is very, very specific and you'll have to do some research on sites like People on the Apple store say volume button works well with HTC Wildfire, but I'm not sure.

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Nice answer, but I think the link to is not the correct one. – THelper Oct 17 '12 at 12:02
Any other than ? – PushkarHJoshi Oct 26 '12 at 17:31
The first link is dead. – Mooseman Oct 29 '15 at 23:39

Please see the comment by @t0mm13b .

I've tried EarPod with couple of Samsung android phones. The sound works fine as expected. But the mic doesn't work and only gives a constant noise when tried to record audio. Also play, pause, vol. up, vol. down controls are not working with android phones.

If you need only its amazing sound quality (for $29), go for it.

The speakers work in correct volume when the impedance matches with the device out. Most phones are having ~32 ohms output impedance.

Technical specifications:

Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 21 kHz
Sensitivity: 109 dB/mW
Impedance: 23 ohms

How to convert Iphone 3.5mm pin to standartd Samsung/Nokia 3.5mm pin?

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