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I use Cyanogenmod profiles (on a Galaxy S2).

I've created a couple of custom profiles, "Silent" and "Totally Silent", and I switch to them by doing a long press on the power button. But I've noticed something disturbing: At the bottom of the dialog, there are 3 icons: A speaker with a cross over it, a vibrating phone, and a speaker. These look suspiciously like my profiles. When I switch to "Totally Silent", the icon gets switched to a vibrating phone. But when I switch back to default, it doesn't switch back to the speaker!

What's going on? Are there 2 separate profile selections? I want to have just one place where I set the profile, not two.

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Profiles are just a way to change a bunch of settings at once. By long-pressing the power button and tapping ring/vibrate/silent (below airplane mode) you change a single setting however: The ringing behaviour.

The profiles work slightly different to what you expect.
You most probably forgot to enable some switches of the standard profile, most of them are on/off settings for which a profile has 3 actions:

  • activate
  • deactivate
  • modify / do-not-modify

This is for example very handy for a car mode that you activate to just switch off a security lock screen (+ enable GPS and leave all else as is).

The standard profile has a lot of those unset do-not-modify checkboxes (the checkboxes to the right), so unless you check them the profile doesn't actually change those settings.

Tick the checkbox and try again!

enter image description here

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