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just got my new shiny galaxy tab out of the box and am attempting to add the same google account i have setup on my HTC desire. after entering my username and pass, i am given the worded picture that i have to type in(you know the bot check) After i put it in, it says please wait for 2 seconds, and gives me another worded picutre. I've done this 100 times at least, so i couldn't have got it wrong everytime.

is there a reason for why i cannot get past this step? I'm going crazy here!

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FYI: It's called a CAPTCHA. –  Al E. Nov 19 '10 at 13:52

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Try changing adding either of the following to your user name and try the CAPTCHA again.

  • @googlemail.com
  • @gmail.com
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Create another account and try logging in with the second account. Perhaps the error is because you're already logged in in another phone.

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